The Top Toyota RAV4 Performance Features

When it comes to performance features, the Toyota RAV4 has cornered the market. This reliable crossover SUV features dynamic torque control so that you can hit the road with confidence. The suspension is also finely tuned so that you have the right balance of comfort and control.

What makes the Toyota RAV4 so much fun to drive is the power behind its 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine. The best part is that you do not have to give up fuel economy for performance with the Toyota RAV4. It comes with valve timing technology so that you can maximize performance without sacrificing…
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The Innovative Technology of the Toyota Camry Hybrid

When you want a vehicle that has the latest safety features yet is a joy to drive, consider the new Toyota Camry Hybrid. The newly updated exterior styling will catch your eye and make a lasting impression. You can be proud of the vehicle you take around town.

The LED headlights are stylish and functional, and combined with Daytime Running Lights, will help you see any obstacle you may encounter on the road. To further add style to the already sleek body of the car, 18-inch silver alloy wheels that are machine finished will add a touch of class. The…

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The New Toyota Tacoma and Popular Safety Features

The all-new Toyota Tacoma has been recognized for being a popular midsize pickup truck that comes stuffed with countless safety features.

One of the safety features on the Toyota Tacoma is the Lane Departure Alert. The way this system works is by monitoring the road to see when the vehicle drifts out of the lane lines. At this point, the steering wheel vibrates stronger and stronger until the driver gets the vehicle back into the lane lines.

The way that the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control works in the Toyota Tacoma is by scanning the highway ahead to determine if another…

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A Few Notable Safety Features That Come With the 2018 Toyota C-HR

If you are looking for a reliable subcompact SUV, the 2018 Toyota C-HR is an excellent choice. The C-HR offers contemporary styling with a comfortable interior, and it also comes well-furnished with a plethora of active safety features. If you want to know more about the C-HR safety features, please read further.

The C-HR offers a standard Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection. This system scans the road and has the ability to identify other vehicles or pedestrians. If an object is detected, you will be given a visual and audible alert...

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The Dynamic Toyota Corolla Technology Features

If you have a Toyota Corolla, or are interested in getting one, you may have some questions about the car's technology features. The Toyota Corolla is built with a number of dynamic tech features.

One of the important Toyota Corolla technology features is the integrated backup camera. This significantly enhances safety and includes projected path guidelines.

The Toyota Corolla tech features include the pre-collision system complete with pedestrian detection. The system is designed to alert before applying brake pressure as part of overall accident avoidance.

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Toyota Avalon Safety Features You Can Trust

Why is the new Toyota Avalon a popular full-size sedan? Take a look at just a few of the vehicle's safety features, and you'll discover why.

One of the unique safety features of the Avalon is the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control system. When you are driving the highway and have your speed set, the system is monitoring the road for any slower traffic in front of the car. If detected, your vehicle will slow down safely and speed up once the vehicle moves on.

Your new Avalon also comes with the Automatic High Beams system. Driving at night…

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Check Out the Exterior Features of the 2018 Toyota 4Runner

Have you been looking for a reliable midsize SUV? We would like to suggest the 2018 Toyota 4Runner if you're currently seeking a midsize sport utility vehicle. To learn more about the new 4Runner, we have summarized a few exterior features below.

The new model offers 17-inch 6-spoke alloy wheels with black-painted accents. The Limited trim comes with available 20-inch 6-spoke alloy wheels. In addition, the new model features projector-beam headlights. The 4Runner's projector-beam headlights provide you with improved visibility because they are more focused than...

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Cabin & Engine Air Filters Need to Be Replaced Frequently

The air filters inside your vehicle have to be in good condition in order to be able to capture tiny dirt particles and allergens from the air. The clearer the filters, the more efficient your ride will be.

The cabin air filter is working to keep allergens from getting into the air inside the vehicle. Even if the windows were opened, as soon as they were closed, the filters would quickly clean the interior air again. Clogged filters allow things like mold spores into the car's interior.

The engine air filter needs to be in great condition to stop…

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Your New Car Could Be a Toyota 86: Here's What You Need to Know

Finding a new vehicle can be quite the adventure. When it comes to shopping for a car, choose something luxurious, comfortable, and most importantly, fast. You can find all of that in the Toyota 86 at Lithia Toyota of Springfield.

This fastback coupe style of car enables you to accelerate quickly. The included boxer engine is designed to help you reach optimum speeds as fast as possible. The rear-wheel drive means you can turn quickly and have full braking control when you need it. A sport-tuned suspension ensures you have full control over the vehicle.

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What Makes the Toyota Sienna a Stand Out Minivan?

Who doesn't like the comfort and convenience in a minivan? With the Toyota Sienna, one of the preferred vehicles in its class, that's exactly what you get. The Sienna offers convenience features that make loading and unloading the car so much easier, and you get those features with the style and dependability that you have come to expect from all Toyota products.


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Features like the Smart Key fob and the dual-power sliding doors make entering and loading the car so much easier for everyone…

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