Toyota Corolla Hybrid Launches in Japan

When people visit us here at Lithia Toyota of Springfield looking to buy a quality sedan that's affordable, fuel-efficient and has the performance figures to match, it's not uncommon to see them drive away in a 2013 Toyota Corolla. If they're looking for all the same qualities in a hybrid, that's usually where the 2013 Toyota Prius steps in. Don't get us wrong, these sought-after qualities are by no means exclusive to these two signature models. Then again, one can't help but yearn for the best of both worlds.

So when we recently caught wind of the Toyota Corolla Hybrid, it was nothing short of destiny.

While we're still waiting on specifics in terms of powertrain and features, the new Corolla Hybrid will reportedly be 50% more fuel-efficient than its gas-powered counterpart. In case this is all coming as a surprise, the announcement is all part of Toyota's plan to offer 21 hybrid models on their lineup through the end of 2015, further establishing them as the leader in the hybrid market.

And while that's all well and good, the catch for the time being is that it's only currently available in the Japanese market. Makes sense considering that hybrids account for 20% of all vehicles sold in Japan last year, but still, us Americans sure do appreciate a good hybrid when we drive it. With that said, we're itching to hear more on when it will finally come Stateside, but with a hybrid version of the Toyota Highlander Hybrid arriving early next year, we're crossing our fingers that it's only a matter of time.

Until then, make sure to keep checking back on our blog for all the latest. Or if you'd rather tide yourself with a spin in one of the many fabulous hybrids at our dealership,  your test drive awaits you here in Springfield, OR. Going green has never been easier.

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