Find Your Car's Trade-In Value: Powered by Kelley Blue Book

If we've learned anything about life, it's that its always changing. 

And the Toyota Camry, RAV4, or 4Runner you bought a few years ago might not be the best fit for you anymore, for any variety of reasons. But selling your car online or in local ads near Springfield, Eugene, Corvallis and Roseburg is a hassle, and--let's be honest--it's a little unnerving.

But when you choose to trade-in your vehicle--no matter the make, model, year, or condition--at Lithia Toyota of Springfield, you can get a fair price and a competitive value for it whether you're looking to buy or not.

Use our online trade-in tool, powered by Kelley Blue Book, to see how much your vehicle is worth!

Get Your Blue Book Value Here

Use the selections on the left to tell us the year, make, model, trim, engine/transmission/drivetrain, and mileage of your vehicle, plug in your zip code and click "Next" to select the general condition of your vehicle. (If you're not sure, click "Learn More" to decide your vehicle's condition.)

Click "Next" to enter your contact information, and our partners at Kelley Blue Book will run the numbers and deliver you a market-price trade-in value as soon as possible.

Frequently-Asked Questions About Vehicle Trade-in Value and Process

At Lithia Toyota of Springfield, we make it easy--and that includes trading in your vehicle when it no longer fits your needs. We're here to answer your questions.

"What's My Vehicle Trade-in Value?"

Getting your car appraised by a professional is the only way to get a guaranteed price for it; but by valuing your trade-in online here, you can get an accurate estimate of vehicle value based on real sales all over the country, and right here in your community. 

As you can guess, recent-model-year pre-owned cars in pristine condition are valued higher than beat-up, older model-year cars with pet stains--but we accept all types of vehicles.

"What do I need to bring for vehicle trade-in?"

  • Vehicle title (if you have it)
  • Registration and any important documents
  • Any available service records
  • Vehicle accessories like keys and fobs, mats, etc.
  • Your driver's license and any insurance cards

"Can I trade my vehicle for cash?

We do pay cash for trade-in vehicles, and since our market values are determined by third-party sites, you can be sure that you're getting a fair price.

"I lease my car--what can I do?"

While you can't trade-in your lease car--since it's still technically owned by the company--you can talk to the experts at our Lease Return Center to see if we could help you terminate your contract early and upgrade into something that might be a better fit for you.