The Truth About Motor Oil - Common Myths Debunked

If you understand how your vehicle functions, it can help it stay in good shape. We can help at Lithia Toyota of Springfield with useful information about your car. There are a number of myths about motor oil, and it can be hard to tell which are true and which are false. Here is the truth about some common motor oil myths.

MYTH: Once you use synthetic oil, you always have to use it. This myth is false. Although continuing to use synthetic motor oil could be easier on your car's engine, switching to a conventional oil shouldn't harm your engine. However, it's important to make certain the viscosity of the oil meets the requirements of your engine. If you don't know, you can reference your owner's manual.

MYTH: It isn't necessary to have your oil filter changed every time your motor oil is changed. This is false because a used oil filter has contaminants that can mix with the new oil and cause problems.


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