The Toyota Avalon is engineered to perform well in fair weather and adverse driving conditions. Available with high-performance functions and fuel-saving features, this full-size sedan is readily available for test drives at Lithia Toyota of Springfield.

Standard in all Avalon models, the Active Cornering Assist contributes to a stable ride on sloped or curved roads. The ACA works in tandem with other mechanical features to stabilize the wheels, such as the Traction Control. Some models also boast the Adaptive Variable Suspension system that customizes the damping forces in all four wheels. For instance, the AVS instantly boosts the rigidity of the springs and shock absorbers when the wheels roll over a pothole or bump. Additionally, this full-size Toyota model has 12.9-inch front disc brakes that are covered in stylish red calipers. These ventilated brakes take advantage of dual pistons for optimum stopping power on wet pavement. A special pedal also increases the stiffness of the braking system in some situations.



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