Toyota Care Brings You Efficient, Reliable Maintenance

Toyota is a company known for their wonderful models of cars, but something that many people are not aware of is that they also have a great maintenance service. For those who are unaware, Toyota Care is a wonderful way for you to not only get your car serviced in a regular basis, but also receive 24-hour roadside assistance from one of the most notable no cost service plans available!

For example, the roadside assistance included with Toyota Care will be able to cover a wide variety of things, whether you need a battery jump-start, lockout protection, emergency fuel delivery, or tire service. In the event that none of the above work for your car at any given moment, you can also get your vehicle towed to the nearest dealership for more in-depth service.

Want to see if Toyota Care is right for you? Stop by Lithia Toyota of Springfield today to make sure your car is eligible and receive service right away!



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