Performance Features of the Toyota RAV4

Providing the very best options to car buyers is what Lithia Toyota of Springfield loves to do. One thing that makes or breaks a vehicle are the performance features, and the new RAV4 can make heads spin.

RAV4's Noteworthy Performance

There is a lot that makes the RAV4 one of the most popular crossover SUVs out there, like the following performance features:

Power of Three

The new Toyota RAV4 is special because it comes with a total of three driving modes. The first is called Sport Mode, which is there to give the driver a sharper acceleration. The second mode is called Eco Mode, and it is there to help you maximize fuel economy while the last one is called Normal, which combines both of these modes.

Multi-Link Transmission

The multi-link transmission inside the vehicle gives you a lot more control and handling abilities. The system uses the RAV4s natural body to increase traction, which is pretty smart.

These are just some reasons you should consider scheduling a test drive so you know if this is the right SUV for you.



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