Look Within the Toyota 86

At Lithia Toyota of Springfield, we keep you well informed about standout aspects of the vehicles we offer. Today, we are thrilled about the Toyota 86, a popular sports car. You may know how it looks on the outside, so let's highlight its interior.

Toyota granted its 86 a smaller steering wheel than you will find on most autos. This feature gives you finer sensory control. You will be impressed by its responsiveness when you test drive an 86. Additionally, you will find ergonomic audio controls on this sporty steering unit. This feature combo keeps you fully engaged with your Toyota 86.

When you sit in your 86, seats trimmed in Granlux will support you. In fact, Toyota spreads this suede-like material throughout the sports car's interior. Folks who visit us in Springfield say Granlux looks and feels exceptional. We think you will agree. Granlux adorns this quick vehicle's door panels, dash and seats.



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