A Few Fuel Economy Tips from Lithia Toyota of Springfield

The first fuel economy tip we always offer our customers is purchasing a vehicle that is built fuel efficient. Toyota offers a number of vehicles that are among their class leaders for fuel efficiency. The Yaris, the Avalon, the Camry, the Corolla. Take your pick.

Next, you need to drive smart. Gunning the engine, jack rabbit starts, and reckless driving all take more fuel than normal, safe driving does. Simply slowing down and driving sensibly will save a lot of fuel, especially with highway driving. Plus, it will keep you, your family, your vehicle, and everyone else on the road a bit safer in the process.

Keep your vehicle in good working order. Without routine maintenance, your vehicle will not perform at its best, which means it's going to need more fuel to run. Get your oil changed regularly and get schedule maintenance performed. Call the Lithia Toyota of Springfield service department for any of your service needs.



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