Cabin & Engine Air Filters Need to Be Replaced Frequently

The air filters inside your vehicle have to be in good condition in order to be able to capture tiny dirt particles and allergens from the air. The clearer the filters, the more efficient your ride will be.

The cabin air filter is working to keep allergens from getting into the air inside the vehicle. Even if the windows were opened, as soon as they were closed, the filters would quickly clean the interior air again. Clogged filters allow things like mold spores into the car's interior.

The engine air filter needs to be in great condition to stop dirt and dust getting to into the motor. The more dirt getting into the motor, the less power the car will have. You'll see a big reduction in fuel economy the dirtier those filters are getting.

Our crew at Lithia Toyota of Springfield will carefully inspect or replace the air filters in your vehicle on the next engine tune-up.



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