5 Safe Driving Tips for Halloween

Happy Halloween Springfield from all of us here at Lithia Toyota of Springfield!

Unfortunately, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has warned that Halloween brings with it an increased risk for serious accidents involving motorists and pedestrians. We want everyone to enjoy a safe holiday, so we are sharing these Halloween driving tips to keep in mind:

  • Slow down. Children will be on the streets trick-or-treating, so drive at least 5 mph slower than usual in residential areas.
  • Stay alert. Don't drink and drive, and put your phone away.
  • Even if it is not dark yet, turn on your headlights. It makes your vehicle more visible to pedestrians.
  • Watch out for cars that may be stopping to drop off or pick up children. Do not try to speed around stopped cars.
  • Watch for children and remember they may be too excited to remember basic traffic safety rules.
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