Protecting Your Car's Seats from Pet Hair!

It's not a crime to bring your favorite pet with you as you hit the road, maybe just to visit beloved family or friends, or maybe you just need to escape for a while. We at Lithia Toyota of Springfield encourage taking your dog or cat with you when you head out for a new adventure! But as we all know, pets shed and make messes, which could decrease the quality of your car's seats or even damage them!

That's why we suggest laying a blanket over the seats before you put them in your car. If they have a favorite blanket, that's even better! That way your pet will be comfortable and you'll have peace of mind over your car's seats! We at Lithia Toyota of Springfield understand the need to have a restful trip every once in a while, and want to make it our priority that you have a fun and safe time, so for more information and tips, check us out at our location in Springfield.

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