Why Getting New Winter Wiper Blades is Essential

Once the cold weather sets in, you want to start focusing on preparing your car so it is able to drive safely in the sleet and snow. Come by Lithia Toyota of Springfield, and we can install a new set of wiper blades that are designed for the winter weather.

The winter wiper blades are crafted to be able to move heavy snow load without issue. The stronger metal arms are able to move the snow off the windshield so you are able to see clearly even in the most inclement of weather.

That rubber case you see over the winter blades is to keep the framework from getting snow or sleet in the moving parts and reducing the ability of the rubber to hug that glass.

The rubber winter blades won't tear when the temperatures drop.

Be sure to set aside some time to get your new winter blades installed at Lithia Toyota of Springfield.
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